stop gbv marathon

The Aims

What we are looking Foward for

Purpose of the Charity

To empower the neglected single women who have been deserted by their husbands after giving birth to a disable child.

The Aims

The AMF is aimed at restoring the hope of the deserted single mother with her disabled child/children.

We aim at creating an event (half marathon) that will combine sport, tourism and to mark the International Day of 16 Days of activism that aims at “end violence against women and girls” and to advocate GBV awareness in Zanzibar. The event will give priority to GBV awareness, teamwork, mental/physical health and entertainment aspect.

Objective 1

1. To create awareness on GBV and the established reporting mechanism for reporting and enforcement of rights.

Objective 2

2. To provide for medical support like health insurance, assistive equipment and tools (based on the disability) like wheelchairs for the child.

Objective 3

3. Women empowerment by providing them with training such as handicrafts and give them a start-up capital grant to develop themselves so that they can improve their livelihoods.

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